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Friday, November 13, 2015

Just had to pop in and share some news with you. I guess the title of my blog post gives it away though - ORS has developed a new Monoï range that does not include silicones or minerals!!! How happy am I right now! Just take my money ORS... TAKE IT! 

The range includes the ORS Monoï Oil Anti-Breakage Oil Fusion which includes  Monoï Oil, Olive Oil and Passion Fruit Seed Oil for healthy hair growth; The ORS Monoï Oil Anti-Breakage Luminating Spray, which helps reduce breakage and nourishes your hair after styling.The one I am itching to get my hands on however, is the ORS Monoï Oil Anti-Breakage Leave-in Conditioning Crème which moisturises the hair and improves manageability and shine. It can be used for daily styling, curl refresh or as a hydrating treatment. 

The range can be used on natural, relaxed, texturised, colour-treated or thermally straightened hairstyles.

The Monoï Oil range is available at Foschini stores nationwide at the following prices - Fusion Oil R94.99,Luminating Spray: R89.99 and Conditioning Crème: R88.99

To all those product junkies... I am so sorry but I had to share.  I can hear the swiping of your cards with this one. Stay strong! 

Oh... you thought I forgot to announce the winner of the Cape Town Hair & Beauty Show? Ha! 
Congratulations Kim Pontac. Your tickets (2) will be available at the door. You can contact me for more details. 

Stay Gold, 

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  1. :( sadness cos i cant find it anywhere, maybe i must just hold my horses