About "Bossiekop"

Hi, I'm Mandy, a Proudly South African Natural Hair Blogger. I've thought long and hard about where I wanted to take my blog and sometimes life steers you in the right direction. The direction in which things should go. But I'm not here to talk about that. This post is about the term "Bossiekop". 

Translated from Afrikaans (my second language) it means bushy head. When I was growing up on the Cape Flats the word was used in a rather derogatory manner. Referring to someone as a bossiekop meant that their hair was untidy, unkempt or unruly - a big NO in my community. Coloured girls always made sure their hair was either chemically relaxed or swirled. Curly hair was basically a non-negotiable area. 

I had completely forgotten about the term until a friend pulled at a few of my curls and called me a "Bossiekop" with a big smile on his face. My first reaction was to take offence but then something strange happened. I smiled back. 
I realised then and there that I was in fact a bossiekop and I was proud to be called one too. No longer would I be judged or ridiculed by name calling because of my curly afro hair. I became who I was always meant to be - The Bossiekop... and these are my adventures.